Sunday, 16 March 2014

Discovery: Noria - Golden Age

Noria are an alternative rock quintet from Jerusalem, Israel. We've covered Israeli bands before, for instance the politically fuelled Lego Lepricons - a similar band who also play the blend of alternative rock influenced from 80s post-punk. Noria have elements of Western music, which can easily be noticed after just the first few listens to their album Clear Backgrounds. Vocalist Nir Tsfaty has an uncanny similarity to U2's Bono, while the band behind him share that same similarity instrumentally. There's synths alike the U2 of the 90s, and messages alike the U2 of the 80s. Noria are fixated on a well-produced, professional sound, and it comes across very well on Clear Backgrounds, especially on the track "Golden Age".

"Golden Age" is instinctively likeable. The opening trio of guitar / synth / percussion starts an energising chain. Tsfaty has the falsetto cuteness of Jónsi Birgisson of Sigur Rós, keeping the high notes high, and the low notes low - perfectly timed to the instruments, and structured well in traditional verse / chorus / verse. "Golden Age" is very impressive - an all round rock song executed well with purposeful nostalgia, intelligently implemented with the title "Golden Age".
~Eddie Gibson


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