Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Discovery: Other People - Coda

There's not much to say about Other People, the project name of Stockholm based composer Jakob Lindhagen. His music is classical, it's soothing, and it’s contemporary. Somewhere Far Away is a delightful little album with piano pieces ready to pull the heartstrings of its listeners. In the search for beauty, Lindhagen has discovered something far more valuable, and that's the sound of a soundtracking lives - whether it be a Truman Show styled Burkhard Dallwitz / Phillip Glass hybrid, or a Beethoven cover - Other People sets out to put the sound to your mood.

"Coda", like so many great piano compositions on Somewhere Far Away, features the use of an arpeggio to create a cycle. This cycle goes round and round with the high piano notes creating a haze of elegance and enjoyment out of something so shallow. The piano is a very powerful instrument, and when played correctly with originality, it can be one of the best sounding instruments out there - trumping the guitar. Lindhagen's classically trained and knows his way around the piano, which is why "Coda" and Somewhere Far Away sounds so fresh and professional - It's great piano music for those who want a soundtrack to their day.
~Eddie Gibson


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