Thursday, 20 March 2014

Discovery: Railkid Station - Don't Do It

Punk rock straight out of Minsk, Belarus - nothing out of the ordinary then. Truth is (surprisingly?) I have no idea what the music of Belarus is usually like. I'm half expecting most Belarusian releases to be post-rock, but Railkid Station are no post-rock outfit that's for sure. The duo are on a garage rock high, taking the sounds of 60s garage and 70s punk to create a dynamic sound with just two members. Its straight forward drums and guitar, with bass added to the mix.

"Don't Do It" is an insight to the sound of Railkid Station and what they’re all about. Expect distortion, expect a western influence, and be ready to reach for the pause button when the noise becomes too much to handle. This is energetic punk for the fans, and for the dudes of Railkid Station to let their hair down. It's a typical D.I.Y aesthetic, and one which will never fade, or as Neil Young prolifically said 'rock and roll will never die' - "Don't Do It" and Eastern Europe's latest punk rock band are testimony to Young and all the champions of rock music. 
~Eddie Gibson

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