Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Discovery: Reabo - Whatever May Come

After having a search through the wonder that is the internet, I have come across another dosage of dubstep metal. The most notable success with the genre fusion is probably Korn's The Path To Totality an album which in my opinion was an unexpected work of brilliance. It's a strange leap, but both genres are very similar when it comes to live performance. It's aggressive and people start losing their shit over breakdowns in both genres. This band, Reabo, features a line-up of dubstep artist Redneck, ex-Evile member Ol Drake and Skindred member Arya Goggin. A strange line up which seems to more collide when those names are mentioned, they gel really well.

The song is called "Whatever MayCome", bringing a similar vibe that Virus by Sonic Boom Six brought to me, or even Freedom by Modestep. The fusion of heavy guitar riffage and dubstep basslines are pretty decent together, it works well. The singing style is rapping, the chorus is a nice repetitive groove which we all know and love. It was a fusion of genres that in my opinion go quite well together, Ol Drake is an amazing guitarist, sadly this song doesn't feature a solo from him, for those Evile fans who focused on him you will be quite gutted. He a talented guitarist and I was expecting something a lot more form him, but I suppose their other stuff will feature more from him. That doesn't mean the song is shit, it's far from it, it's a decent timed song that isn't too long and the dubstep doesn't drag for fucking ages. A solid track, I want to see more from these guys, a nice introduction from them.
~Matthew Clewley

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