Thursday, 13 March 2014

Music on the Radio: BBC Radio 3 - Late Junction

Music on the Radio intends to discover the best and most intriguing music shows on the airwaves. This new feature won't be looking at any pop dominated station - it will find quality music for an audience looking for the unusual. Radio is still a strong medium, and it's down to us as listeners to keep it brimming with music. There's a huge audience just waiting to discover their next favourite artist; this is our way of exploring what’s out there without trawling through endless press releases.

BBC Radio 3 is a hugely underrated music station. It's primarily classical in the traditional sense, but when the average age listener falls asleep, an array of youthful presenters step up.  

Late Junction started in 1999 as an alternative to the station’s attentive classical music. Fiona Talkington was the first host, and she still regularly presents Late Junction. The rotating line-up is completed by Verity Sharp, Max Reinhardt, Nick Luscombe, and Anne Hilde Neset. It's Neset's arrival which has united world music and jazz with the more experimental / avant-garde styles of music. Each presenter has a specific taste within the realm of alternative (though this doesn't define their hugely eclectic tastes), with Sharp and Luscombe taking on folk, Talkington jazz, Reinhart electronic, and Neset with the lesser obscure collections of the above.

You may have worked out from the genre selections mentioned above that Late Junction boasts a huge range of music. There's a sense that no matter what your preferences are, you're going to find something worth your while on Late Junction. It ranges from Dylan, Ochs, and Waits, to Can, Pearls Before Swine, and Sufjan Stevens. It's a place where you can find both Yo La Tengo and John cage. The unexpected comes to life with Late Junction, Britain’s SONY award winning music show - where the music matters and the voices count. 
~Eddie Gibson

Late Junction airs at 11pm GMT on Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's - you can catch up on previous episodes here.