Friday, 28 March 2014

Pixies - EP3

September, 2013: "An album right now in their current form would be atrocious," well it seems my weariness won't come true this April, as Pixies release their fifth album Indie Cindy. Except it's not at all their fifth album, it's a compilation of Pixies' Ep1, EP2, and EP3. Now there's nothing wrong with compiling your EPs and making something out of it - many artists do this - those tend to be releasing debut albums, not their first in as many years as my stay in the Garden of Eden. EP3's release doesn’t come as a surprise, it was expected after Pixies announced a short stint of EPs - but their 'fifth album' announcement comes as a huge shock, especially when general press are making out as if it's some completely new product to buy - Even though it's out in one month, most Pixies fans would've heard it through listening to these EPs. Passing off three 4-track EPs as an album is a money move, and it's no surprise that their first album since 1991 won't be on 4AD, but their own Pixiesmusic label. The amount of websites running news stories on Pixies new album is more shocking than the actual music on these EPs. It's not only a slap in the face to Kim Deal who left right before the crash, but to all long-term supporters of Pixies who expect, demand, and pay for originality and class to what's arguably the most influential rock band since The Velvet Underground.

EP3 opens with "Bagboy", which was released as a comeback single in 2013 before releasing EP1. "Bagboy" is actually pretty good given the quality of EP's 1 and 2 - but it was already released as a single, so why have it on EP3 as filler and not EP1? You just don't know. "Silver Snail", although initially sounding fresh, comes across as a forgettable slow rock track with repetitive Black Francis vocals. It's just not a Pixies song in this style - quiet, reverberated, snail-esque music for train spotters. EP3 is just as general as the previous EP2, which really lacked in depth. "Ring the Bells" is full of 90s rock riffs, like R.E.M, but without a real purpose. This track seems to go off the edge slightly compared to the other tracks of Pixies' EP123 stint. It's not as personal as "Bagboy", and not at all diverse compared to "Andro Queen". "Ring the Bells" just sounds like every 90s/00s one hit-wonder - but as the B-side rather than the A-side. There's not much to go by on this track - it's all just rather simplistic with a painful fade out. Thankfully "Jamie Bravo" recoups some of the low scoring attributes EP3 deserves. The guitars are finally sounding unique in an 80s Pixies way, with the lead taking over the recording for the first time on these EPs. It's a gracious end to what seems to be a lacklustre release.

Unfortunately, I won't be praising EP3 because it's dated, includes unnecessary filler such as "Bagboy", and offers me little except the closing track. It’s just a reminder not to buy in to the Pixies brand post-Kim Deal, pretty much ignoring these novelty value EPs. I won't be acknowledging their 'fifth studio album' because I think it’s disgraceful compiling public domain releases and passing it off as an album. The whole concept of a recorded album has been tarnished through digital downloads, and though many artists still create and release fantastic album's, it's releases like the upcoming Indie Cindy which say goodbye to original, conceptual releases - it makes Indie Cindy worthless to listeners.
~Eddie Gibson



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