Saturday, 15 March 2014

Track Review: Nothing - Endlessly

Nothing, a Philadelphia based post-hardcore / shoegaze outfit, was formed in 2011 by Domenic Palermo of Horror Show. Palermo's reasoning for this project stems from his violent past and jail-time, which has shaped the sound of Nothing's debut album Guilty of Everything. The album, as you might expect, it a dreary, noisy shoegaze album with regret and emotion as its core themes. Although Guilty of Everything doesn’t take the listener back to the 90s, it still provides that bit of nostalgia fans of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive will notice. Think of the recent surge of post-hardcore / alternative metal bands with a foot in the shoegaze parameter - Converge, Deafhaven, well add Nothing to that list.

It's essentially grunge, but modern. "Endlessly" shows off both sides of Nothing's sound - the loud aggressive distortion found with the grunge / metal influences, and the peaceful reverberations of the rhythm guitar, which has put forward that Slowdive comparison. Nothing are by no means Slowdive, but "Endlessly" like Guilty of Everything, comes across as a total annihilation of what you expect rock music to sound like - just great sounding loud rock music. Check out Nothing's debut album here.
~Eddie Gibson

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