Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Track Review: The Antlers - Palace

You know what you're getting with The Antlers, unlimited emotion for even the bravest of men. Right from Peter Silberman's inception as a solo artist, The Antlers' music has been as eerie as Aphex Twin, but as emotionally connective as a Jeff Mangum penned song. Hospice was undeniably a powerful concept album in the back end of the 00s, paving the way for the dream pop styles of Burst Apart in 2011. Silberman is backed by drummer Michael Lerner and multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci, adding a band feel to Burst Apart from what was essentially a solo project with Hospice. The Antlers announced their fifth album Familiars set for a June release, putting out "Palace" as the pre-release single.

"Palace" sounds unlike Burst Apart, unlike Hospice, and unlike the lo-fi recordings of Silberman's past. It’s light, breezy, and boasts a brass instrumental to go with the already excellent falsetto vocals and reverberated percussion. Lyrically, "Palace" is excellent: "Then when heaven has a line around the corner, we shouldn’t have to wait around and hope to get in," highly imaginative lyrics, what we've come to expect from Silberman - "if we can carpenter a home in our heart right now, and carve a palace from within." If "Palace" is an indication of anything, then it's indicating the level of skill and quality, Silberman, Cicci, and Lerner poses when creating textures that bridge indie rock with dream pop delicately - it's time to get excited. 
~Eddie Gibson


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