Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Track Review: DragonForce - Defenders

The second band I have ever seen live have changed so much since former vocalist ZP Threat left the band. Back in the day this band would have tunes that would break the fingers of Guitar Hero players. With the new vocalist Marc Hudson I personally think they have become a better band when it comes to playing. We all loved the brain melting solos from their previous albums, but does “Defenders” live up to it?

I'm not exactly the kind of person who would jump straight on to a demo and review it, but , I thought I'd go against that for once. “Defenders” comes out to the public as a rough cut of what it will become on DragonForce's new album Maximum Overload. This song has a nice thrash metal feel to it; it's not over the top like most of DragonForce's stuff - which after their first four albums comes as a slight relief in some circumstances. Marc's voice sounds brilliant as his voice powers through the whole song, and his awesome scream near the end of the verses. The vocal harmonies are everything you’d expect from DragonForce, but they remind me of a faint choir when Marc leads the vocals through the song. It’s upbeat, fast, and pounding, and not over the top with speed as previous songs are, but as it has a slight thrash metal element, so don't expect something slow and soppy. “Defenders” is a nice look into what their new album will be, and if it's anything like The Power Within then I'll be happy with that.
~Matthew Clewley

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