Thursday, 22 May 2014

Interview: Cold Cave

Electronic music likes to take it's twists and turns when it comes to the human emotion. As I will be seeing Nine Inch Nails on Sunday, I noticed that the wonderful Cold Cave were supporting. Electronic music that has been described as a blend of darkwave, and synthpop, but as it does hold similarity to acts like Gary Numan and even Nine Inch Nails, there is a unique feel about Cold Cave. Wesley Eisold, the sole member of Cold Cave, chats to me thanks to the internet of what future holds for his music project.
~Matthew Clewley

Music Review Database: You're touring with Nine Inch Nails, how much influence have they they had on your music?

Cold Cave: NIN has been an influence in different ways. I remember hearing "Head Like A Hole" when it was first released and digging it... But Wish really connected with me. They were so raw and also a gateway to other bands. Then over the years they've been influential to me in different, inspiring ways. I appreciate the vision and the longevity of that vision. 

You have recently released Full Cold Moon, have you had a good reception from it? 

Yeah well, to me it's more of a documentation than an album.  It's a compilation of all of these vinyl releases from the past year or two. It's about five ideas on one CD for those who want it digitally together or for those who missed out on the vinyl.

What made you change your mind going from hardcore music to your dark synthpop sound? 

I started making music myself. My old bands were dark but I didn't write the music. I started Cold Cave with the intention to make crude and avant industrial noise but soon after discovered how to write a song.. Something that never occurred to me. 

Have you ever played in the UK before? Did you enjoy it? 

I've played here many times, with Cold Cave and other bands in the past. The first time was in 2001.  I always enjoy the UK. 

You have collaborated with people like Sean Martin from Hatebreed, would you use more genres to experiment with Cold Cave's sound? If so, which ones? 

I think that I would but it just depends on where I'm at or the songs I'm working on... What they call for. I usually work with people who I'm around at the time. 

Do you think remixing songs is important for music? What is your favorite remix? 

I think it's a good way to collaborate with other artists and to see their interpretation of a song, and vice versa. I'm really happy with my remix of NIN's "Running".

What do fans expect from the upcoming release Sunflower?

Well I'm not even certain if I'll use that as a title. I'm going to finish the record in the months after tour. Writing it anyway. It's looking like a 2015 release. 

How quickly did you get used to performing music with a prosthetic hand? Were there any performance difficulties?

So far I've only really used it aesthetically or in simple ways, like holding a mic. I'm practicing other instruments though. And yes there are difficulties - it's near impossible which is why I'm trying. 

Do you want to remain the only member of Cold Cave? 

I like collaborating but I started this to have a vehicle for my music. Amy is a big part of Cold Cave. I guess it's similar to NIN in that way. You know it's a singular vision but others work with you to fulfill that vision. 

In one sentence, what do you think your audience should expect from your live shows?

I don't care if my performances are conventional, that's for others, but I do care if they are passionate, and they always are. 

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