Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Track Review: Body Count - Talk Shit, Get Shot

This band has been a great pleasure of mine in my album rack for a long time. After going through my Dad's CD rack when I was younger, I came across this album and got confused. I said to him: “Dad, I never knew you liked hip hop? I thought you hated that,” he replied: “Body Count are fucking awesome, give them a listen sunshine!” Therefore, I was expecting something along the lines of Public Enemy or Cypress Hill, but instead I got a fistful of metal along with my expectations. With tunes like their infamous “Cop Killer”, I enjoyed the fearless lyrics and attitude that Body Count have. With elements of thrash fused with hip hop and rap, this band became a landmark in my taste of music.

So, what did I think of “Talk Shit, Get Shot”? It's fearless alright, the music video is as brutal as it can get and quite funny too. The riff is a powerfully distorted chug throughout the song, and the chorus is insanely catchy and the lyrics are as solid as ever. This track takes aim at the keyboard warriors that live online with networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. The solo sounds classic as if it came from a Motorhead song, which is something that I have always liked about Body Count. It's great as you know so many people who act hard and sometimes deserve to be smacked down to crack their egos in bits, what goes around comes around. Body Count are definitely not posers unlike some metal bands today, they mean business and they sound better than ever. There isn't too much to this track, but it's just enough for me and it’s something that can get you through the day. What an absolutely pleasant return from Ice mother fucking T and his band. 
~Matthew Clewley