Sunday, 18 May 2014

Track Review: Solomon Grey - Electric Baby

My summary of Solomon Grey as a cross between Bon Ivor and Vondelpark seemed true to the ear on their previous single B-side "Last Century Man", but that softness and simply blue comparison has been brushed aside on "Electric Baby" - a synthed up electronica track with echoes of "Last Century Man". But of course, Solomon Grey are no one trick pony. After listening to a few of their previous releases it seems almost certain their falsetto vocals would forever be drenched in reverb and spoken quietly, but no - "Electric Baby" alters this repetitive perception.

"Electric Baby" makes use of intelligent vocal cutting, sampling, and a fiery synth line acting as distorted bass. Electric guitars return to the mix to add depth, and it enhances the transition between the verse and the chorus, where the vocals eventually become louder and clearer: "Won't you get yourself a radical, won't you make yourself at home." There are seamless transitions in structure, and a pretty impressive sound - including raw percussion, looped vocal hushes, and a bit of ambience to take it through to the close. Solomon Grey proves they're still going strong with "Electric Baby" so early on in their discography.
~Eddie Gibson