Sunday, 1 June 2014

Track Review: Different Heaven - Your Body

One thing I do love about YouTube is finding random artists you'd never expect to like. Different Heaven remixed TomSka's ASDF series and the track was repetitive yet pretty funky. And the more I listened to his music, the more I got to love it, especially the remix of Televisor's “Old Skool”. 

Your Body” is a tune that is very typical to hear on a night out. With the repetitive lyrics it becomes instantly catchy, and doesn't annoy, so far a decent recipe for a house song. The track has a nice and happy feel to it for the first 30 seconds which is a nice mood setter. The build up then begins with a auto tuned voice, and then the bassline hits. It's not an over the top bassline, but it's a great sound that doesn't pack too much distortion that your ears will bleed. The track returns to normal, kicking back in the cheesy happiness it once was, and then the bassline hits again - It's simple, but that's the magic of it.This track isn't too repetitive and it doesn't drag on, there isn't much to it lyrically, but it is a fun one to nod along to. This is a good track by Different Heaven, it's perfectly timed to enjoy the song long enough before you either play it again or listen to something else. It's a good effort, and a great example of what young electronic artists can do, dubstep maybe a past obsession, but this track isn't too crazy, it has it's nice simple chilled out groove with a swift kick with it. 
~Matthew Clewley