Friday, 19 September 2014

Track Review: In This Moment - Sick Like Me

There's always that time of day where I finish going to work and then listen to music until I pass out. It's unhealthy, but finding new songs and new bands brings bliss yet ignorance to my spare time. This time my attention has been taken by In This Moment's new song, "Sick Like Me". The intro is wonderfully eerie as the guitar plays through it. This song hits hard and bruises my mind, leaving an aftermath of destruction and shock. The riff rebuilds everything in it's own way, it's such a good riff that has the vocals over it. The vocals effects are great and the singing from the beautiful Maria Brink is addicting to listen to. 

The lyrics aren't to everyone's taste, don't expect the happiest of lyrics from this, it'll be like going to a funeral dressed as Mr Blobby if you're expecting love and joy. From what sounds like a war air-raid alarm during the breakdown after the chorus goes well with the sound of this track. "Sick Like Me" is a fantastic song, and with this tune being on the new album, Black Widow, In This Moment wont fail to impress. 
~Matthew Clewley