Thursday, 6 November 2014

Listen: Mont Oliver - 19

The Danish haven't given us much music of late, personally I've covered Vinyl Floor's folk, Iceage's punk, and now we have Mont Oliver and their blend of trip-hop / eletronica, but what Denmark lacks in exports, they make up for in quality. Iceage have quickly become the most exciting punk band on the circuit, and Mont Oliver's early offering "19" only enhances their quick rise from nothingness to the top of the ladder, and there seems to be nothing keeping Mont Oliver away from achieving this almost expected dominance. They have 4,000 likes on their Facebook page without even releasing anything but "19" (which by the way will be free,) it seems almost unbelievable unless it's a side-project of an already established artist - but this isn't. Mont Oliver are relatively new, but have the production quality of an artist that's been in the game for years. Take a listen and you'll agree that 4,000 + likes on their Facebook page seems somewhat - realistic - and could very well double within weeks with this level of debut quality.
~Eddie Gibson