Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Track Review: VISION FORTUNE - Dry Mouth

VISION FORTUNE return with exactly the sort of music they left with when "Nite Driver" from the chaotic Titanic Part II: The Legend Goes On...(2000) came out this time last year. Now signed to the (rarely mentioned) exceptional ATP Recordings, VISION FORTUNE has a bigger part to play in bringing back krautrock, drone, and post-punk beyond that of a single genre. They know that they can inflict an influence on their surrounding artists - just as they take from theirs: Can / Neu! / Faust / Zappa. 

"Dry Mouth" captures the essence of krautrock - repetition, deep textures, and skilful variation. VISION FORTUNE have shown time and time again their ability to be a drone artist within the bodies of Damo Suzuki's Tago Mago - they even performed under Suzuki in the past - rectifying not only their influence, but their future. "Dry Mouth" is the archetypal and archaic krautrock repetition of percussion, drone-esque vocals (delivered in a horrific fashion,) and layered synthesizers capitalising on the base structure of, percussion - bass guitar - vocals. Note the lack of guitar, as VISION FORTUNE use synths and their ability to create a centralised non-linear piece of music on the basis of such experimental aspects - bewildering to some, but lavished in ingenuity to others.
~Eddie Gibson


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