Sunday, 29 March 2015

Discovery: Vladimir - In My Head

The last time Vladimir were being featured on Music Review Database, they had just finished up touring with the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen and The Twilight Sad - now they have London in their sights supporting none other than The Fall. Yeah, The Fall are one of MRD's most lauded artists to distort through the post-punk passage of time, so excuse me, but if  supporting The Fall doesn't refer to 'making it', then nothing will. This is a Dundee band enriched within the local music scene, but not confined to Scotland. Sell out shows at King Tuts is something to have on your CV, but playing with The Fall is a whole different ball park. It's not as if Vladimir are undeserved of this either, they've proven to be a reputable live act (so my sauces say,) and their recorded material only seems to be getting better.

"In My Head" sounds like a bleaker version of British indie rock bands circa 2006. Putting a definitive comparison to a specific song or band from this period is difficult, but the sort of Bloc Party "Helicopter" style of rock, just slower, sadder, and grittier. You wouldn't put "In My Head" to a video compilation on Google Videos of 'football down the park' as you would with "Helicopter", this is much more serious. There are more aspects to Vladimir's sound on "In My Head" compared to their earlier recordings. Their version of Underworld's "Born Slippy .NUXX" was almost unrecognisable if it wasn't for the opening lyrics. It's a noise rock guitarathon of distortion and improvisation, not quite the formulaic sounds of "In My Head" - a three minute pop song in the indie rock fashion. Here's where we find Vladimir's redeeming features: warm percussion produced well with varying effects with raw sounds, alike the vocals which at times sound Tom Meighan-esque, but often revealing a more sinister Julian Casablancas; confirming that there's certainly more to come from Vladimir.
~Eddie Gibson