Monday, 11 May 2015

MRD's Discovery

We're happy to publish the first issue of MRD's Discovery. It's the start of a series which we hope will relay across a number of platforms, and a number of styled 'MRD's .....' They won't all be Discovery, but this will be the first of many Discovery releases by Music Review Database. It's where we get the most enjoyment, and it's where the discovery tagged artists get the most attention in music media - if they haven't already been picked up by a hip intern at IPC. We applaud anyone giving attention to the artists behind closed doors, and those far from the weak critical acclaim of BBC Radio 2's Drivetime. We believe some have enormous potential within their respected musical path, others we're just happy to give constructive criticism to. Most importantly, MRD's Discovery's intention is to bring attention to artists in the same light as others do for chart toppers.