Friday, 9 October 2015

Track Review: Signals. - Sleep Talk

Signals. are a Southampton based quartet, you may remember their "Constructions" which was reviewed by Nile Barrow of By the Rivers a couple of years ago. It's always interesting to read musicians thoughts on other musicians, with Signals. being the pick from Barrow for our Discovery Weekender review festival. Well the quartet's latest release is a developing sound veering away from the math rock / pop of "Constructions" and their previous EP Facial Furniture. Instead, on their Sleep Talk EP and more specifically the self-titled track, Signals. evoke a calm delivery of indie electronica - the same way Delamere pulled away from bedroom recordings to achieve a professional sound. It's no shock that indie rock artists evolve over time, not quite in the same fashion as Pokémon, but you get the picture.

"Sleep Talk" keeps to Signals. narrative, instruments working in unison - though with slightly darker meaning in terms of lyrical and orchestral expression. One of Signals. qualities is their ability to work as a team; with their form of sincere 'math rock', you need the bass to be sporadic, linked to the piano - guitars need layering, guitars need reverb to add textures moving away from the grittiness of math rock's punk past (Fang Island, The Edmund Fitzgerald) conforming to the narrative of post-rock, where time signatures and a EADGBE bears no resemblance to a pre-determined theme. On "Sleep Talk" we see Signals. simply develop, interestingly enough they're doing it in the night’s sky instead of math rock's usual high fiving summer sunlight. 
~Eddie Gibson

Signals will be on tour late October, early November - you can check these dates on their Facebook.


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