Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Discovery: Prince of Toronto - Flies With Honey

We last heard from Jackson Fishauf in 2013 during the Discovery Weekender. Back then Fishauf was doing things a little differently, his album Legitimate was well received by all of us, and stacked in country-esque heavy rock music attuned to fellow Canadian Neil Young. Things are a little different this time, with new compatriots with him as part of the more mellow Prince of Toronto - I'm using the word mellow lightly as Fishauf doesn't quite do mellow.

"Flies with Honey" is a much finer sound than many of Fishauf's earlier recordings. There’s a bigger emphasis on alt-country here as opposed to the country rock heaviness of his previous. He's not lost his knack of just going wild on his electric guitar though, and thankfully this is a standout of Fishauf's music as it compliments his husky voice well. It can be tricky trying new things, attempting different sounds, but it sounds so seamless here for Fishauf and Prince of Toronto - it's a clear continuation from Legitimate that rightfully has the energy of his past, but the more soulful feel of his future.
-Eddie Gibson


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