Saturday, 22 April 2017

Live Show: Electric Six

Where: Leicester
Venue: The Scholar

Live from Leicester its Electric Six! The gig began with a tribute to Saturday Night Live which summed up the mood for the evening; fun, energetic, hilarious albeit slightly overrun, with a few duds here and there. I am a self-confessed hardcore fan of electric six and knowledgeable of their lengthy album list (13!). I was slightly disappointed that highlights, such as “Synthesizer” were left off the set list. However, the band chose to indulge in their own style of playful humour, telling tales of their last venture in Leicester meeting the Bedingfield's, (David loves his meat) and taking jabs at Preston. I was impressed at the effortless ability of the band to switch from flawless performance to stand-up comic routines.

The vocal stylings of Dick Valentine remain a powerhouse of masculinity, expressed in such delights as “Gay Bar”, “When Cowboys File for Divorce”, and “I Invented the Night”. Adopting a friendly, yet self-deprecating persona, Dick empowers the room with an electric atmosphere galavanting and assuring the audience that despite his modest fame is just another down-to-earth guy who wants to entertain a room full of strangers. If you’re debating whether to catch them live I strongly recommend the experience, mosh pits and hecklers aside, the band is experienced in delivering up to and beyond its audience expectations.

Credit: Someone's picture on Instagram and stuff..

I'm not too familiar with Electric Six... other than the obvious. It only took a few songs for me to feel unprepared and somewhat embarrassed at the amount of Six fanatics that actually know all the words - impressive to say the least. It became clear that Electric Six are more than a one (two?) hit wonder in the UK, continuously releasing albums with boundless lyrical creativity is a testament to that. An audience of punks, goths, every student union representative under the sun, Nightmares from the Discotheque, and I… eat up the comedic inspiration Electric Six were formed on many years ago.

Like Electric Six, NFTD, a Welsh duo with a support band, rapped?? I don't quite know what it was, but it was more poetic than your non-nonsensical fuk dem hoes I be makin a milli w/me willy progressive dollar sign lyricists America seem to shit out every month. Their comedy driven energy was a delightful introduction to Electric Six - think Beastie Boys meets Jedward.

Electric Six, making a reference to their last show in Leicester 14 years ago, seemed to realise their sustained accomplishment on the stage and in the recording studio, with front man Dick Valentine reminiscing about his meet and greet with Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield at Radio One's Big Sunday back in 2003, saying it was the biggest audience they've ever played to - a believable feat knowing just how many heads you can fit into Victoria Park on a sunny day.

A stone's throw from Leicester’s O2 Academy, but a generation away in reality. It was fantastic to see that Valentine and co still embark on European tours, continually release new music and enjoy it. They have a very dedicated, almost hardcore following who are enormously proud of their achievements.


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