Thursday, 18 January 2018

Discovery II: HM-12 - No Fishin

I came across HM-12's music after looking over Kemistry Gem's Soundcloud page. It's a well hidden project without social media pages - minus a YouTube channel under the title Haunted Condo Records which is pretty non-existent and a well updated Soundcloud. HM-12 seem to be the anti to everything, everything... I get a strong feeling they're adverse to recognition, acclaim, attention, or pretty much anything in a positive light. 

HM-12 have plenty of songs, and are releasing them fast, without too much production; if any production at all. On "No Fishin" HM-12 appear more rock centric as opposed to the noise / experimental rock of their nature on the majority of their Soundcloud tracks. I get the sense they're not too serious about themselves, with these releases being scripted, but in a comedic sense - "No Fishin" doesn't seem to be one of these. The combination of slapped bass, duel male/female vocals and a pretty 90s indie rock feel give HM-12 a Yo La Tengo sound unintentionally. Their material is interesting to say the least and they shouldn't be afraid of being heard or exposed - they play for fun, but that fun is enjoyed by listeners too. It will be interesting to see where their path takes them, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out.
-Ed Gibson

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