Eddie Gibson / Editor-in-chief

Favourite artists: VU, TJ&MC, Tim Buckley, Galaxie 500, The Fall, Spacemen 3, Daniel Johnston, Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Deerhunter.

Eddie is a native of Leicester who studies journalism at Staffordshire University. He's a writer/presenter for OMG Radio and an editor for The National Student.                              Twitter                              Facebook                              Content

Jordan Helm / Senior Editor

Favourite artists: Autechre, Blur, Tangerine Dream, Depeche Mode, GY!BE, Primal Scream, Orbital, Kraftwerk, Lindstrøm, Tim Hecker.

Jordan lives in Guisborough and studied graphic art at Teesside University. He heads the electronic releases and designs for MRD, whilst also being a published author.                              Twitter                              Content

Johnny Hoel / Writer

Favourite artists: Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Brian Eno, Vic Chesnutt, Thee More Shallows, Joanna Newsom, Jackson Frank, Stars of the Lid, Mountain Goats, Sparklehorse.

Johnny lives in Danvers, Massachusetts and is studying to achieve a degree in journalism. He co-founded the Gentle Whale label in 2010 and also performs in his own band Bedroom Minstrels.                              Twitter                              Facebook                               Content

Matthew Clewley / Writer

Favourite artists: Rush, Anthrax, Devin Townsend, Steve Vai, Van Halen, Extreme, AC/DC, Dream Theater, Sabrepulse, I Fight Dragons.

Matt is a Stoke local and completes the 'studies journalism at Staffordshire University' team on MRD. He heads the metal reviews and is a regular live reviewer.                              Twitter                              Facebook                              Content

Jonathan Hites / Pop Corner

Favourite artists: mewithoutYou, The National, Tegan and Sara, Passion Pit, Belle & Sebastian, Kimya Dawson, Shakira, Cakes Da Killa, The Magnetic Fields, Robyn.

Jonathan is the reincarnation of an existential writer formerly known as Jake. He resides in North Carolina and returns as our pop critic, after we killed him off more times than the average cat.                              Twitter                              Content

Recurring contributors

Mary Mitchell / Assistant Editor                              Facebook                              Content

Mon McCool / Guest Writer

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Matt Gamble / Guest Writer

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